Thursday, January 14, 2010

out with the old :(

when i really love a pair of shoes, and i mean REALLY love them, i beat the shit out of them.  thats how you know i am in love.  i REALLY love my UGG Camille boots... but i think this is the last winter i can wear them so i am looking for a replacement.  i found these Lucky brand ones from Victorias Secret, maybe i should just take the UGG ones to the shoe maker...

my UGG Camille boots

Lucky Brand

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bold Is Beautiful

Bold Window Panels

(apartment therapy)

Bold Red Shelf

(apartment therapy)
Bold Light Fixture



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Zen Bedroom

A bedroom should be calming, functional, romantic, clean.  Nick had this bed spread when we moved in and I added a few peices to spruce up the place to create my zen bedroom.  The long pillow has leaf like vines and is from homegoods.  The abstract painting above, also from homegood gives a calm vibe. I defnitly need a few more things in order to create my ideal bedroom... also window panels would be nice!!!

Our bedroom :)

Being the music lovers we are I feel this guitar art would fit perfectly!

I was really inspired by this room, the symmetry and the 4 sconces on the wall. 
Nick loves candles and it makes for great art as well.

I fancy this room's paint job, as well as the paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

I love these paper lanterns as well and how they have a more chic sophisticated look.

Lastly, this chandelier adds a touch of glamour to such a zen bedroom.  Kind of reminds me of beautiful stones in a stream.  I'd really love to put this up in our apartment since we have 15 foot ceilings!