Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something Blue... and Red.

My boss got engaged last Wednesday, and although she's promised not to be a bridezilla I'm not all that confident. She's a strong willed woman and I definitely look up to her as a boss and a friend. My obsessions with parties and weddings, clothes and shoes has not ceased, so I'm pretty sure the news of her engagement might put more fuel on my fire. And although I'm in no rush to get married, the ideas always come to me and I'm constantly stimulated by things I see. Here is an inspiration board based on red and blue, and stripes!! Light hearted and fun, that's the idea here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen Love

I have to give props to several kitchen items I own and love.

Tie Dye bowls from Urban Outfitters

Beatle Album drinking glasses from Cirque du Soleil's LOVE

Heart glass from IKEA
Heart plate from Crate & Barrel
((Lots of love in this apt people!!!))

Green Vase to hold our utensils

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fab Feature

I was featured on FabSugar.com as "The Look of The Day"!

Copy States: "Check out bootsnyc's version of office chic: office à la mode. What makes it remarkable is the baggy shape of her pants and the bold blue of her blouse. A studded belt and chain necklace add further pizzazz, while black pumps help elongate her frame."

Thanks Fab!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Sam Edelman F10 Press Preview

The lovely ladies at Nitrolicious.com posted some pics from the Sam Edelman Fall 10 press preview.  I think the folks over there had a "if its not broke, don't fix it" attitude while designing this line, because although its amazing, its really nothing new for the designer.  SE always has great adornments and fun details, very rock n roll.  I especially like the lace booties and the clog boots!

Shoe Rehab

Nick tells me not to buy more shoes, I say "NO, NO, NO".

Sorry lovah, I've got a passion for fashion... specifically shoes. Plus, I work in the footwear industry... my shopping is more like market research than a full blown addiction. AND AND AND, I was shopping with my mom, like quality mother daughter time spent in DWS...These are all things I tell myself to justify my addic... I mean passion!

Exhibit #1) Se Boutique: (Sam Edelman owns xox)

I'd never buy any old pair of black pumps... these have twisted cut outs with metallic snakeskin showing through. They are fabulous.

Exhibit #2: Steve Madden Luxe.

I've been wanting oxfords... but these are like jazz shoes on crack. I love them. I wore them commuting today and I will change into my pumps for tonight. My workies and our BFs are going to the premier of "The Paper Man" tonight. Ryan Reynolds...yummm. Not as delish as these two purchases from DWS though.

City Living

Our apartment features artifacts from cities and vacations we love, so why not represent the greatest city of all, the city we live in, New York City. Ork Posters offers different cities as well, Philly, Boston, etc. I love the way they simplify NYC, it’s so clean and straightforward. Our great poster is hung in our bathroom, but I found a couple pictures from Apartment Therapy featuring Ork posters in other rooms too. Enjoy!

Our bathroom

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Po, it ain't just a river in Italy

It's no secret that Po is one of my favorite restaurants in New York City. Located on Cornelia St right off of Bleeker, the location is ideal. Just yesterday, when I arrived a bit early for my reservation, I walked around and admired the secret streets of Greenwich Village that you have to be ancient or a millionaire to live on. But a restaurant is nothing without food, and I swear to you, Po doesn’t not disappoint. My usual, White Bean Raviolis, is just the perfect sized plate of luscious thin ravs, engulfed in this fantastic balsamic vinager sauce. Last night, as the menu changed a bit and featured more spring-ish dishes (is that a word?) I ventured away from the comforts of a dish that never fails and tried their pappardelle with sweet pea and mint Parmigiano. WHAT? Amazing. The pasta itself was so light and fresh. You never leave feeling like you’re going to explode from being full, nothing it too heavy or weights you down. The atmosphere is really causual and friendly, yet it could be romantic (I imagine, I only go with my Dad…). The staff is so great and accommodating. I’m addicted :)

Photo by Robert K. Chin (obtained from NYMag.com)