Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey Four Eyes!

At the young age of four I started wearing glasses 24/7.  While some kids would dread this unwanted nuisance, I welcomed it.  I loved being "the girl with the glasses".  And even though most days now I sport my contacts, I still feel glasses are the ultimate chic geek accessory.  My new glasses are Derek Lam, who is also a lover of spectacles. 
Derek Lam looking fab

Me in my new Derek Lam specs :)

Buddy Holly made glasses awesome!
Me as a youngin' with glasses (I think they had Mickey Mouse on the side, COOL).  On a side note, do you like how we match? Not only me and my brother Luke, but also my cousins Leanne and Jessie?  COOL.
More lil' Lindsey glasses pics!

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