Friday, September 10, 2010

The Times They Are A' Changin'

I can't even begin to explain how the landscape of fashion PR has changed since I entered the field three years ago. While once focused on obtaining product placement in major magazines and wooing celebrities with freebies, I now find the consumer is the driving force behind our strategy. Social media came through like a tornado, and in its wake a whole new scene. Brands are relinquishing a lot of power, allowing consumers to write reviews of products online and bloggers are becoming more credible than fashion editors. Twitter allows news to be communicated in seconds. The nature of everything is quick, fast and easy. With all this change, agencies purely focused on social media are flourishing. My brand has recently hired an agency with expertise on Facebook, Twitter and blogger relations. This is a great article on how to pursue a career in Digital Public Relations. I foresee that area greatly expanding in the next few years, and with all these changes, I wouldn’t be surprised if new applications arise and crush Facebook and Twitter!

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